Placemaking is a collaborative process of people coming together to create great public spaces.


The Detroit 67 Placemaking Grant is an opportunity to connect communities throughout the city with the Detroit 67 Project. Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) is leading the neighborhood placemaking grant process to provide support and funding for the creation of projects in each of the city’s seven council districts. In keeping with the Detroit 67 Project, the theme for placemaking projects is Looking Back to Move Forward – engaging residents, highlighting possibility and reimagining the city.

The Detroit 67 Project Placemaking Grant is made possible by the generous support of PNC Foundation.

67 Placemaking Project Grantees chosen by a community review panel:

  • Bridging Communities’ Outdoor Theater Project: Enhancement a lot that is currently being used to host community movie nights and cultural celebrations. Celebrations and activities that support the African American, Hispanic, and Arab communities are held in the lot. Funds will be used for installing wooden benches, raised flower beds, in-ground solar lights, and parking barriers. This will enable the space to be used more effectively and provide more comfort to those watching movies and encourage people to use the space during the day.
  • Eden Gardens’ Eden Gardens Park: Completion of a pocket park in a vacant lot where abandoned houses once stood. Funds will be used to install picnic tables and a bicycle rack as well as to complete the gazebo space with a concrete pad in addition to removing lingering debris from when houses were deconstructed. A garden featuring mosquito repelling plants will also be planted.
  • Grandmont Rosedale’s The GRANDcorridor Beautification Project: Installation of a mural and tree plantings along a stretch of Grand River to draw interest to the area and to enhance the pedestrian experience and sidewalk scape. The mural will be completed by a Detroit-based artist who will work with a local group of high school student artists to complete the mural.
  • Greenview Block Club’s Greenview Dreams Brings Community Greatness: Enhancement of a green space in the community to become a safe space for family-friendly intergenerational recreation. Funds will be used to create a play-scape for children and horseshoe pit and host events throughout the year including a celebration picnic, annual yard sale, and peacewalks.
  • LGBT Detroit’s #SafeBraveSpace: Conversion of a vacant lot into a community gardening and gathering space to create a welcoming experience for residents and visitors and to create a space to address healthy living. Funds will be used to clear debris and overgrowth in the space and to install the garden and seating area. Activities in the space will include weekly public forums and other community gatherings.
  • Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s Fox Creek Park: Art Beyond Borders: Enhancements of a park that is currently under-lit on the Detroit and Grosse Pointe border. The project seeks to reduce symbolic and physical barriers separating Detroit and Grosse Pointe from using the space. Funds will be used to re-design the park layout, add benches, solar lighting and to host an array of community-based arts’ activities such as art installations and pop-up museums.
  • Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition’s 12th Street Memorial and Pavilion: Creation of a public pavilion with artistic elements to provide a meeting and outdoor events and celebration space for the community. Funds will be used for landscaping, gardening elements, and a memorial marker to remember those who lost their lives around the time of July 23, 1967 civic unrest in Detroit.

Map of Detroit 67 Placemaking Grantee Projects